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Mac Miller – He Who Ate All The Caviar (Official Video)

Mac Miller surprised fans via Twitter with an unreleased track titled “These Dayz”, but the Pittsburgh MC felt the need to be even more philanthropic with his music.

The result was this trippy set of visuals for another unreleased track, “He Who Ate All the Caviar” produced by Miller himself under the alias Larry Fisherman. The video captures the essence of the history making MC (we can’t stress this enough), as he gets into random hi-jinks with his Polo Bear.

Mac Miller – He Who Ate All The Caviar (Official Video)

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Rick Ross – Diced Pineapples ft. Wale and Drake (Official Video)

Rick Ross teams up with Wale and Drake in the video for his new single “Diced Pineapples” — the newest offering from Ross’ latest album God Forgives, I Don’t. One of the better commercially successful singles off the album.

Rick Ross – Diced Pineapples ft. Wale and Drake (Official Video)

Also, make sure to catch the behind the scenes portion below:

Written by: @aimxhigh | @thatnewjam

Usher – Numb (Official Video)

Usher and team dropped the video for his new single “Numb”. “Pop” Usher has grown on me immensely over time and, honestly, the record is good pop fodder – the music video might just hit. What do y’all think?

Usher – Numb (Official Video)

Written by: @aimxhigh | @thatnewjam

Chris Brown – Don’t Judge Me (Official Video)

Chris Brown and Rihanna just can’t seem to keep their “relationship” out of the spotlight and we reckon that his latest track “Don’t Judge Me”will only help with the rumors. The singer has released the official music video to his latest single earlier today (September 27) which sees him departing for a one way mission to space. And you ask “what does this have to do with Rihanna?” Well, if you take a moment to listen to the lyrics, we think that Brown’s former love may be the inspiration.

He sings: ‘”You’re hearing rumours about me. And you can’t stomach the thought. Of someone touching my body.'”

“When you’re so close to my heart. I won’t deny what they saying. Because most of it is true. But it was all before I fell for you..”

As the fifth single release from his recent album Fortune, it follows prevous hits “Turn Up The Music”, “Sweet Love”, “Till I Die”, and “Don’t Wake Me Up”.

Deadmau5 – Professional Griefers ft. Gerard Way (Official Music Video)

After we got to preview the madness, the result is even crazier than we could’ve expected. We knew that Deadmau5 & Gerard went all out for this one, with hundreds of extras recruited for some absolutely huge sequences and it’s certainly paid off. The video is full of excitement and energy and definitely makes out to be my favorite video of the summer. Enjoy!

Deadmau5 – Professional Griefers ft. Gerard Way (Official Video)

Written by: @aimxhigh | @thatnewjam

xKore – Stabs

The up and coming Dubstep/Drumstep producer xKore has dropped his new Stabs EP on Inspected. The EP includes, “Everybody Rock”, easily one of my favorite Moombahton tracks. You can download the full EP by clicking the download link provided below. This dubstep song definitively has a ravey feeling too it, but that’s what makes it so unique. Enjoy =)

xKore – Stabs – DOWNLOAD LINK

Written By: Evidence | @thatnewjam

Jay-Z – “From Marcy To Barclay’s” Rocawear Commercial

Jay-Z wasn’t born into the easy life, which he readily points out in his “From Marcy To Barclay” Rocawear ad. In the 30-second clip, HOV notes, “I don’t know if you’re ever done. It’s almost like climbing a mountain — you see another mountain and you go to the next one and the next one. My goal was to have one gold album and that was it. And then it became, I want to show that an artist can ascend to the executive ranks.” Watch Hova hawk his brand in the inspirational, retrospective clip below.

Written by: @aimxhigh | @thatnewjam

Rick Ross – 3 Kings ft. Dr. Dre and Jay-Z (Official Video)

The most talked about track on “God Forgives, I Don’t” now has a music video directed by DRE Films & Jon J“God Forgives, I Don’t” is now in stores and on iTunes. Enjoy!

Written by: @aimxhigh | @thatnewjam

Meek Mill – Amen ft. Drake and Jeremih (Official Video)

Meek Mill and Drake team up with Jeremih (who isn’t present) for the new video for their single “Amen”. Meek’s debut album “Dreams and Nightmares” hits stores August 28.

Written by: @aimxhigh | @thatnewjam

Ellie Goulding – Hanging On ft. Tinie Tempah (Official Video)

After releasing the audio of her collaboration track with Tinie Tempah a few days back, Ellie Goulding returns with some nice visuals to accompany it. Enjoy!

Written by: @aimxhigh | @thatnewjam

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