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Jay-Z: The Power Of Our Voice

Jay-Z shares why it is important to exercise your right to vote and how President Obama represents the power of our voice.

As Jay-Z shares:

“For so long, there was this voice that was silenced out there as far as exercising your right to vote. I think it was a voice that was silent because people had lost hope. They didn’t believe that their voice mattered or counted.”

“Now people are exercising their right, and you are starting to see the power of our vote. He made it mean something for the first time for a lot of people. ”

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Kanye West – White Dress [Prod. by Boogz, Tapez, Kanye West & RZA]

A real quick thank you to Fist In The Air for being SO on top of their shit. We got the snippet of this track a couple days ago and now we get the full version although not the full quality version. We’ll do another post or update this when we get the full drop but get the download to listen to some old school beautiful Kanye West production. Between his upcoming solo album and the rest of the soundtrack for the RZA directed/written film The Man With The Iron Fists, it’s gonna be a fun couple of months.

Kanye West – White Dress [Prod. by Boogz, Tapez, Kanye West & RZA] – DOWNLOAD LINK

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Jay-Z To Release Eight Track EP Titled “Live In Brooklyn”

To commemorate his eight show performance at the home of his Brooklyn Nets, the Barclay’s Center, Jay-Z will release EP called Live In Brooklyn.

The EP will feature eight tracks, the same number of shows at his Barclay’s stop, and is set to drop October 9th.  It will consist of recorded tracks from his show on Saturday, October 6th. You can pre-order Live In Brooklyn here.  The performance last night was also made available for fans to stream (pretty awesome stuff). The release will go out exclusively through iTunes.

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Billie Joe from Green Day loses his SH*T at iHeartRadio Music Festival

So turns out that the guys of Green Day still have a little bit of an edge to them after all. Billie Joe absolutely loses it when the band’s set gets cut in half to make more room for Usher and the result is the stuff legend is made of. Absolutely love that the bassist (can’t remember his name) decides to just go in as he sees Billie goin. Good for them; after that statement they’re starting to reclaim some of the respect they earned during the Dookie years.

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Radical Something – Summer Of Rad Free Album + The Be Easy Tour Announcement

After 13 amazing weeks, Radical Something has concluded their #SUMMERofRAD with a bang. All 13 songs + “Letter To Our Friends” are together in one album and if that wasn’t enough, the guys have announced a nationwide headlining Fall Tour called The Be Easy Tour! You can get all the information you need here such as tickets and locations and you can catch the official promotional poster after the jump! These guys have been a staple of my Summer this year so keep the good vibes goin all the way through December and catch the So-Cal trio live!

Radical Something – Summer Of Rad – DOWNLOAD LINK

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Dr. Dre Is No. 5 “Highest Paid Celebrity”

After a massive deal with HTC, Dr. Dre reaches the number 5 spot on Forbes’ “Highest Paid Celebrities” list.

Forbes released their annual “Highest Paid Celebrities” list and Aftermath Entertainment CEO, Dr. Dre, is the sole hip hop representative.

Dre is always amongst the highest paid men in hip hop with his producing credits and label ownership.  After selling his majority ownership of 51% of Beats By Dre headphones for over a whopping $300 million, Dre comes in at a more than respectable number 5 on the “Highest Paid Celebrities” list.  Thanks mostly in part to the over $110 million he cleared as part of his payout for selling his share in Beats with his deal with HTC.

The list predicts that Dr. Dre won’t be featured next year because the deal with HTC is what propelled him so high this year.  Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, and Jerry Bruckheimer rounded out the Top 5 on this year’s list.

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Big Sean to release Detroit mixtape September 5th

Big news from Big Sean! With his album all finished recording and the G.O.O.D Music album Cruel Summer set to drop September 18th, Sean just unveiled through his website that he will be releasing a full mixtape called Detroit on September 5th.

The trailer is below in typical G.O.O.D Music fashion and needless to say, this is going to be HUGE!

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Porter Robinson announces ‘Poseidon: The Back to Back Tour’ with Zedd

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Ok I literally don’t think that I could be any more excited for this news. Seeing Porter Robinson & Zedd two guys go back to back at Camp Bisco XI was possibly the greatest night of my life I’ve had to date between the song selection to the technical skills to the atmosphere to the shear gravitas of what was standing behind the decks. In an interview with MTV (CLICK THE LINK TO WATCH THE VIDEO I CAN’T EMBED IT -_-), Porter reveals that he and Zedd are going to be touring back to back, meaning that one DJ will not open for the other but instead will play together at the same time.

The tour is named for the collaborative track between Porter and Zedd which he says is “pretty” and will feature disco chords with a trancey kinda feel using crowd vocals (sounds like everything that’s great about Madeon, Porter & Zedd combined into one track). He says that the tour will be “entirely for the fans” saying that he and Zedd will try and bounce back songs by each of them and involve a lot of improvisation to keep things fun and stupid. Everything about this announcement just brightened my mood in the most amazing way…I hope you guys are just as pumped!

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Jay-Z – “From Marcy To Barclay’s” Rocawear Commercial

Jay-Z wasn’t born into the easy life, which he readily points out in his “From Marcy To Barclay” Rocawear ad. In the 30-second clip, HOV notes, “I don’t know if you’re ever done. It’s almost like climbing a mountain — you see another mountain and you go to the next one and the next one. My goal was to have one gold album and that was it. And then it became, I want to show that an artist can ascend to the executive ranks.” Watch Hova hawk his brand in the inspirational, retrospective clip below.

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Kanye West – New God Flow [BET Award Freestyle]

Last night, Kanye West and the rest of the G.O.O.D. Music team opened the BET Awards with a huge performance of Mercy with Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz performing on top of a huge Lamborghini set flooded with lasers. When it was Ye’s turn to jump on Mercy, the beat cut and he appeared out of the roof of the Lambo to a wild applause, after which he threw down his verse from Way Too Cold (aka Theraflu). The news-worthy portion of the performance came following the whole thing when Kanye rattled off a minute and a half long freestyle that just showed some lyrical dominance for those questioning it. I’m thinking this may be a verse off the upcoming G.O.O.D Music album which looks to be a HUGE release. I couldn’t find the embeddable version of the actual video but MTV’s got it so click the link below the player if you want to see the full performance!

Kanye West – New God Flow [BET Award Freestyle] – DOWNLOAD LINK

via: MTV

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