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Bayside – Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song) [Billie Joel Cover]

For as long as I’ve been a serious fan of music, Bayside has been hands down one of my favorite bands to to ever come out of my speakers. Besides the fact the drummer Chris Guglielmo (second guy from the right) cuts my hair on occasion, these guys have been busy putting together Covers – Volume 1, an album covering tracks that have been influential to them. A self motivated and executed effort, the band gives the release some promo with this cover of Billie Joel’s Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)…which is more than fitting seeing as though their lead singer is Anthony Raneri. The album will be only $5 on iTunes when it gets released next Tuesday and their website has some pretty cool pre-order bundles as well!

Bayside – Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song) [Billie Joel Cover]

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If your looking for some more organic So-Cal skate punk to liven up your Thursday, allow me to introduce you to CRMNL HYGNE. Get familiar with these boys and their classic sound and check out their video which has them sounding like a little old school Sublime mixed with a whole bunch of energy that I’m loving. We’ll be keeping you up to date on their progress on the west coast here at TNJ so get famliar and enjoy!


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Big Sean – All I Know ft. Wiz Khalifa

At the end of the bonus track off of Detroit, we got this bonus track from Big Sean with a feature from Wiz Khalifa and a sample of Helicopter from Bloc Party. What’s not to like?

Big Sean – All I Know ft. Wiz Khalifa – DOWNLOAD LINK

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Colin Munroe – Scars N Stars ft. Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul

With Colin Munroe having today released his latest project, titled “Unsung Hero”, we’ve chosen to highlight one of the featured standouts from the work. “Scars N Stars” showcases assistance from TDE members Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul on the enticing triple threat offering. You can enjoy the on-hand audio via the stream below and then head here to download the entire compilation. Hit us back with your thoughts on the 10-track project.

Colin Munroe – Scars N Stars ft. Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul

Official #UnsungHero trailer:

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Superbus – All Alone (Seven Lions Remix)

The first time I checked out a track from Seven Lions it was completely a random click of the mouse. I couldn’t click my mouse fast enough as soon as I saw Cali producers name attached to another track thanks to The Music Ninja. He makes some of the most beautiful genre-defying music that blends the beautiful chords and top lines of a progressive house track with the wobbles and tempos reserved for a much heavier dub genre. I couldn’t be more serious when I tell you not to sleep on this guy, I hope his music is played for the largest of crowds as soon as possible.

Superbus – All Alone (Seven Lions Remix)

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Alex Clare – Too Close

I had heard this a while ago as many of you probably did on the Internet Explorer commercial that’s running and this sounded so good it almost made me consider switching from Firefox. UK singer Alex Clare has an unbelievable sound on this track, his vocals have a great tone and the mix of singing and the low end wobbles is pulled off perfectly by the production of Major Lazer. You know that anything Diplo touches turns to gold so trust his King Midas touch and enjoy!

Alex Clare – Too Close – DOWNLOAD LINK

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Ellie Goulding – Hanging On ft. Tinie Tempah

It doesn’t even matter that Ellie Goulding is being thrust into the mainstream with the success of her album Lights, she’s still gonna be that electro-tinged British gem that I knew all those months ago. If this is the direction that her music is going in, I couldn’t possibly happier; the darker sound suits her airy vocals perfectly and with a new album in the works you know there are big things coming. The track turns out to be really good and the Tinie Tempah verse is a lot better than I expected, overall a good sign for fans of all things Ellie.

Ellie Goulding – Hanging On ft. Tinie Tempah – DOWNLOAD LINK

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Atlas Genius – Trojans (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

This is the first I’ve heard of Atlas Genius and after hearing this track I couldn’t be happier to start finding more of their stuff. I am certainly of the persuasion that anything that the head honcho of Pineapple St. Xaphoon Jones puts his hands on turns to gold but regardless, this track is unbelievable. You can find more of Atlas Genius’ info and tracks here so be sure to grab the free download from their SoundCloud and enjoy!

Atlas Genius – Trojans (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

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Drake – The Motto (Jon Bellion Cover) + TNJ Exclusive Interview

This is one of those 100% full circle blessings. On the first day of this site’s existence, I posted an artist spotlight for Jon Bellion, a kid with talent beyond measure that I met through one of my best friends from home. Five months later, Jon has released an unbelievable cover of The Motto through Visionary Music Group, the same guys who manage Logic and Tayyib Ali! We got a chance to chat with the Long Island native and ask him about his influences, his plans for the future, and his perfect overnight studio session. His debut album Translations Through Speakers is gonna be dropping at the top of the new year so get excited and enjoy!

Drake – The Motto (Jon Bellion Cover) – DOWNLOAD LINK

TNJ: What was the inspiration for doing a real melodic cover of the motto?
JB: My sister said i couldnt do it! Lmao

TNJ: Haha thats absolutely awesome! I saw that it was put out on Visionary Music Group? How did you end up getting hooked up with those guys?
JB: Chris Zarou (head of Visionary) has been a friend of mine for a while… we recently just decided to move forward…. really excited about the future!

TNJ: Any chance we’re gonna see you hooking with their main man Logic?
JB: Hmmm guess they have to stay tuned! Haha

TNJ: From tracks like Handclaps and Autotune for Lovers to something like The Right Direction you cover a huge array of different sounds…where do you find yourself pulling most of your influences from?
: Who knows lol I’m the bastard step child of music haha I grew up listening to so much music because of the internet it really messed me up hahaha

TNJ: Alright, so you can do one overnight studio session with anyone dead or alive (producer/artist/whoever) who you goin in with?
JB: Hmmmm Kanye and Dean Martin! Pow!

TNJ: I like it! Alright last one; from what you can disclose to us mere mortals, what’s up next for you in terms of releases/shows/videos etc.?
JB: Translations Through Speakers is finished… were finishing up some videos and releasing! I’m really excited!

We thank Jon Bellion for taking time out to talk to us. We’re really pumped for him to finally be getting the recognition he deserves and can’t wait to bring you guys the singles from Translations Through Speakers leading up to the new year!

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Blaise Delfino – Friday’s Finest (TNJ Single Release)

Throughout the first set of months since That New Jam’s inception, we’ve laid the brickwork and established relationships with an unbelievable group of up and coming musicians. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania native Blaise Delfino is one of “them”. Over the last half decade, Blaise has opened and worked with a wide variety of artists ranging from JoJo, Elliot Yamin, and Ryan Cabrera, to Action Item, Pat DiNizio, and Patent Pending (all by age 20). And although I could go on and on about this young’n, this post caters to the release of the first single off his debut LP, “Away From Me”, entitled “Friday’s Finest”. The record boasts high energy and catchy melodic riffs, inspiring good vibes and a track that could remain on repeat throughout the summer months. *As a reward to all his loyal fans (who have both been with him since the beginning and waited patiently for new material), Blaise decided to release this single for FREE!*

Blaise’s talent is undeniable and, at such a young age, there are many signs things will only continue to improve in the future. We’ll keep you up-to-date, but make sure to be on the look out for his debut release due out later this year AND his August 3rd show at The Crocodile Rock Cafe where he’ll be opening for Teddy Geiger —> Purchase tickets HERE. Peep all the links and videos below. Enjoy!

Blaise Delfino – Friday’s Finest (TNJ Single Release) – DOWNLOAD LINK

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Support all his music via ReverbNation | iTunes | Amazon as well.

OFFICIAL VIDEO – “Your Call” (Secondhand Serenade Cover)

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