The idea for That New Jam came about once I realized that there’s no feeling like showing someone a new song that they really like.  I currently attend Binghamton University and am a Binghamton Devil.  Day by day I feel as though I’m getting better at this whole blogging thing but suggestions for the site and promo submissions can be sent to  I try to listen to as much of this as I can and truly do believe that some people that make great music simply need a platform for their music.  I tend to lean more towards listening to electronic music although good music is good music and I listen to everything but death metal and country.  I try to keep the vibe on here personal and encourage commenting and feedback as much as humanly possible; I firmly believe that this should be a community for people that just enjoy good music.

I hope you guys enjoy what we got going on here and there’s some big changes coming to the site in the near future.  With everyone’s continued support, I know this thing is going places so I sincerely extend a thank you for everyone jumping on board with this. My personal SoundCloud page can be found here where I throw some mixes I put up in my spare time.


Christian Randell


Scott Randell is a young entrepreneur who rigorously works to make his mark and find his niche in the entertainment industry. Over the course of two decades, he has discovered a passionate love for music, television, and film, and a desire to devote his life to the always-competitive industry that is the entertainment business.

He acquired a talented audio production skill set (in both mixing and mastering) during his undergraduate college years in the distinguished Music Industry program at the State University of New York, College at Oneonta (graduation in May 2012), and has also developed a core understanding of industry-related functions including copyrights, licensing, and artist marketing & promotion.

Since working able, Scott has interned at both the MTV/Viacom Networks and The Recording Academy’s (GRAMMY’s) New York Chapter and worked to serve as a GRAMMY U Campus Representative and GRAMMY 365 blogger. He is currently employed by the legendary Masterdisk Studio, Times Square Recording Company, and industry leading talent agency Universal Attractions. Side projects include working for digital magazine Concert Blogger as a contributing writer, co-creating (and acting as the editor-in-chief) start-up music blog That New Jam (WHICH YOU ARE ON :-P), freelance TV/Film work as a PA, and independent music projects as an engineer and producer. Although just 22 years old, Scott Randell has the resiliency and patience to survive and the drive to succeed.



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