Zedd – Clarity ft. Foxes

I literally just bought this and downloaded it about 5 minutes ago and have to try to pay attention in class while this is just sitting on my computer but on a quick preliminary I can tell you that Clarity, the debut album from Zedd, is absolutely everything I could’ve hoped for. The song from the teaser is Follow You Down and the actual version has vocals from Bright Lights which fit absolutely perfectly. Other notables are a bit of a rework of Shave It and a track featuring vocals from Ellie Goulding which I got to give a quick listen to. The title track featuring Foxes was available for free on iTunes so I included the download for that one but if you want the rest go pirate it yourselves or support the music on iTunes!

UPDATE: Future TNJ team member Tyler Roper brought to my attention that there was an awesome official video for Stache that just got released so I made sure to add it on below. Teamwork makes the dream work right?

Zedd – Clarity ft. Foxes – DOWNLOAD LINK

Zedd – Stache – DOWNLOAD LINK

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam


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  1. awesome!

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