David Sides – Playground Sessions Promo/Artist Feature

David Sides is without a doubt one of the most talented and popular modern day pianist, and that’s what you discover within the first 20 seconds of any of his YouTube videos. His fan base is worldwide and, although you may have never heard of him, his musical abilities takes what you may already love to another place – a transformation altogether. Posts like these are what makes “blogging” truly enjoyable, because I as a content selector get to display pieces that may be hidden treasures only waiting to be unveiled.

I’ve followed David Sides’ work for years, always becoming more and more impressed with each release. His ability to transpose some of music’s most popular records into something highly sophisticated and engaging (while still maintaining the core qualities of the song) lead him to the point where he is currently at. Mr. Sides has developed a innovative and revolutionary training software designed to educate and teach those who choose to learn the piano from the ground up. Its name is Playground Sessions, and the program takes an interactive (and up-to-date) approach to learning the instrument. Check out the program’s promo video below as well as all that David Sides has to offer – prepare to be amazed.

Playground Sessions: 30 days to play (Promo Video)

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6) Join his piano community – Playground Sessions

David Sides – Without You: David Guetta ft. Usher (Piano Arrangement)

David Sides – I Need A Doctor: Dr. Dre & Eminem (Piano Arrangement)

David Sides – Find Your Love: Drake (Piano Arrangement)

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