Dr. Dre Is No. 5 “Highest Paid Celebrity”

After a massive deal with HTC, Dr. Dre reaches the number 5 spot on Forbes’ “Highest Paid Celebrities” list.

Forbes released their annual “Highest Paid Celebrities” list and Aftermath Entertainment CEO, Dr. Dre, is the sole hip hop representative.

Dre is always amongst the highest paid men in hip hop with his producing credits and label ownership.  After selling his majority ownership of 51% of Beats By Dre headphones for over a whopping $300 million, Dre comes in at a more than respectable number 5 on the “Highest Paid Celebrities” list.  Thanks mostly in part to the over $110 million he cleared as part of his payout for selling his share in Beats with his deal with HTC.

The list predicts that Dr. Dre won’t be featured next year because the deal with HTC is what propelled him so high this year.  Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, and Jerry Bruckheimer rounded out the Top 5 on this year’s list.

Written by: @aimxhigh | @thatnewjam


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