deadmau5’s New Live Setup Premiered at Veld Music Festival

Ok this is actually way too cool. deadmau5 has been on a crusade of sorts across the internet to bring a level of transparency to the DJ scene and lift the vale about the skill that is required to put on a live show. Well in a real ballsy move at Veld Music Festival in Toronto (I still can’t believe I didn’t go to this *kicks myself in the ass*) he did his entire set with his back turned to the crowd on a touch screen display so that everyone could see exactly what he was doing. It’s things like this that really gives me hope that the EDM scene will continue to grow and evolve into something special and inspiring and artistic, not just a bunch of neon-clad college kids bopping up and down some guy pushing buttons. Have a look!

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam


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