Always On The Run (Avicii Remix) [TomorrowLand Set Rip]

Now that the Levels craze is finally over (hopefully?), people can begin to take Avicii releases for what they are at face value; absolutely euphoric. This was played out yesterday during his set at TomorrowLand so while we wait for the release, I was able to find a rip from yesterday’s live set. The dramatic cello buildup explodes into a driving almost-cinematic bass driven climax that has a lot of the stylings that he uses under his Tim Berg moniker. TomorrowLand has been producing some amazing sets from the worlds biggest DJs so be sure to catch our Live Stream and keep on raging!

Always On The Run (Avicii Remix) [TomorrowLand Set Rip]

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam


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  1. There is only one but…Moreno did NOT write the song…..

  2. This is not Alex Moreno – he said so on his personal facebook page a few days ago. This is 100% Avicii track.

  3. You need to correct this text. Moreno has nothing to do with the track.

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