Timeflies Tuesday + The Scotch Tape

I know I said I’ve been late to the party before but this is just a disgusting display of obliviousness on my part. While Timeflies has been garnering a stupidly large internet following, hit the #2 spot on the iTunes pop chart and #8 spot overall 24 hours after releasing their debut album The Scotch Tape and releasing a wildly successful weekly video called Timeflies Tuesday, I must have been burying my head in the sand like an ostrich because it has passed me all by until today.

Timeflies is a group consisting of duo Cal & Rez who met while attending Tufts University and performing in a band together. Rez’s production is similar to that of Xaphooon Jones and Pretty Lights, finding ways to mix in elements of electro, hip-hop, and dubstep to make a truly unique sound that I’m a huge fan of and Cal’s the vocalist who does his work working rhymes in over the beats and also sings. I’ve included their latest Timeflies Tuesday installment as well as the free streaming of their album The Scotch Tape which you can download from their website or buy on iTunes!

P.S. All you Binghamton kids should get to know these guys very well because they’ve just been confirmed as the third act of Spring Fling alongside The Cataracs and Passion Pit. You should all like the ThatNewJam Facebook page just in case there happens to be some incentive for the show…


Timeflies – The Scotch Tape – DOWNLOAD LINK

Timeflies Tuesday

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam


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