Indie – Adam & Naive – Presents, Tattoos, and Different Directions (FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD)

Yes I know that picture is HUGE.

This post is a rewarding one because it gives me the opportunity to use this platform of being able to tell people about music to give exposure where I think it deserves to be given. Adam & Naive is a band I grew up with in Smithtown on Long Island and have had the pleasure of getting to know throughout most of my childhood. Their sound is bigger than local and closer to out of this world than anything else. Their music is layered and airy and wholesome and deserves a full open minded listen from everyone before judgement is passed. Anyways, congrats to them on putting out the new album and check out the rest of their side projects and other albums all open for download FOR FREE on their collective’s website There’s a rich music scene on Long Island and I hope to be able to continue bring you the best and brightest.

I’ve included for you guys their newest album called Presents, Tattoos, and Different Directions which is free for download on their collective website Practice Room Records as well as an abundance of other indie acts which will be featured on the site in the future.

I look forward to bringing you more solid music and congrats once again to the boys over at Practice Room!

P.S. If your going to the site for one standout track I suggest Coconut off of Summer in the Storm Cellar; 8:52 of pure bliss.

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