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I’m not usually one to post a ton of previews on the site but there are three that came out today that has me so excited for their actual releases that I just have to share. The first one comes from a personal favorite prog house producer of mine Pixel Cheese. He has a monsterous new single called ELVA! coming out on March 6th and today he released the official preview which is everything you expect out of a huge release and more.

Pixel Cheese – ELVA! (Preview)

Next up there are two previews of remixes to super-producer Nicky Romero’s huge club hit Toulouse. No one is hotter than Tommy Trash right now and he’s keeping the pedal to the metal in typical fashion with this remix that is sure to make huge waves when it finally drops. I’ve also included a remix of the song by Chocolate Panda. I don’t know much about the act but as long as the next track they put out is as huge as this one, I’m sold.

Nicky Romero – Toulouse (Tommy Trash Remix) (Preview)

Nicky Romero – Loulouse (Chocolate Panda Remix) (Preview)

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