BREAKFAST A WEEK EARLY! + 4th Quarter!!!

So Chiddy and Xaphoon of Chiddy Bang are pulling out all the stops and decided to make a surprise release of their major label debut album Breakfast a week early. Throughout the week I’m going to be posting some of the gems from the album for STREAM ONLY. If you love the music buy it on iTunes and support the artist and enjoy this amazing album. So much goodness to spread with you and so little time so get ready and make sure you got your plates cause its time for BREAKFAST. Preview the song 4th Quarter off the album now!

Chiddy Bang – 4th Quarter



With some bacon and eggs.

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam


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Quintessential Happy Person. Lover of the grind.

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  1. So awesome. Nice website b.t.w! Contact me if you want to work together.

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