Hip-Hop – Chiddy Bang – Extra Well ft. Chip tha Ripper/Possible Special Binghamton University Promo


I can’t begin to explain how excited I am for Chiddy Bang’s major label debut Breakfast on February 28th in the US and they gave us another track off of the Grab a Plate prealbum mixtape called Extra Well with the help of Chip tha Ripper. Originally thought to be an actual mixtape release, Xaphoon Jones tweeted that the mixtape would come in bits and pieces leading up to the album release and this appetizer is hittin the spot. Unbelievable production as usual, Mr. Jones just churns out certified platinum beats like its clockwork and Chiddy brings his usual delivery of clever rhymes and wordplay. I’ve started picking up listening to Chip tha Ripper and if the rest of his work is anything like this I’m sure to be on board. Don’t forget to preorder the album on iTunes here. Keep it swelly and as always


P.S. Binghamton University kids keep your ears open for a possible pre-album promotion going on in the near future!


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