House – Pierce Fulton – Who Wants Spaghetti

I’d like to introduce you all to Pierce Fulton. He is a 19 year old college student from Vermont that has a budding music career in front of him. His success as an American artist who gained monster attention overseas before he did over here has given him a very unique sound which I’m completely hooked on. I have for you a release from his SoundCloud called Who Wants Spaghetti which is an almost Deadmau5 type beat which just keeps moving steadily toward a powerful grungy synth drop which is sure to get everyone wild. Expect many great things from the kid who shows absolutely no signs of slowing down!

There’s also a video below if you’d like to meet the kid who happens to be the same age as me and get his outlook on the business. Spoiler alert: kid’s got a good head on his shoulders.

As always,

Pierce Fulton – Who Wants Spaghetti

An Introduction to Pierce Fulton: Pacha NYC to the Mid Chicago


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