Artist Spotlight! Jon Bellion

jon bellion

Alright so this is my last post of the night before I go celebrate my fake birthday and it’s sure to satisfy all of those who are looking for something a little bit different. Jon Bellion is a Long Island native who’s been floating around my iTunes for a while thanks to a friend of mine. His music is genre-less his lyrics are flawless his delivery is just straight unbelievable and did I mention he produces all of his own tracks!? So much good things to say about him so I’m gonna show you a couple real good tunes. He’s coming out with a new project called Translations through Speakers “real soon” according to his twitter page.

The first track is a real good leadoff called The Right Direction, the first track off of his Scattered Thoughts EP released on the Beautiful Mind record label. Listen all the way through and Jon lets you know what his music’s all about and it doesn’t dissapoint.

Second is Handclaps and Autotune for Lovers which is 100% genre-less goodness and it deserves a full listen and download. Its infectious, fun, and all around great music!

Next is definitely a radio ready song called Meet You On Our Cloud which has a great mix between Jon’s vocals and clever rhymes and incredible delivery.

Lastly is easily my favorite song he’s ever done called Smooth Movin’ featuring an artist by the name of Blaque Keyz. The beat is perfect and the flow over it from the two rappers exchanging verses is unbelievable. Jon attacks the beat twisting words around a more upbeat shuffle and Blaque Keyz absolutely kills it with a spoken word flow. The only problem is that I can’t find a download link for it anywhere! I’m not saying you should rip the audio off of YouTube or anything but you gotta be able to get the songs somehow right?

Be sure to get at Jon on his assorted pages below





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  1. William Rueda

    Smooth moving could be one of my fav songs espsically from a kid who is realtivly unknown… keep sharing this great stuff Randy!

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